Spiritual Action Plan

To live the Christian Vision, we need to charge and recharge our spiritual batteries. The source of that energy? Our spirituality! For Cursillistas, living the Cursillo Tripod empowers us to discover and grow into rich depths of spirituality.

Actually, the Tripod is not a spirituality. It is an Action Plan. It is a point of departure for searching for spirituality. For searching for piety (holiness). For searching through study (spiritual formation). And for searching through action (evangelization). We commit to this Action Plan—after we have made the Spirit-driven decision to shift from a life of self-centeredness to God-centeredness.

“Every moment of the search is an encounter with God,” writes Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist. Every moment of our searching through the Tripod is an encounter with Jesus’ Spirit. Our spirituality begins with our searching!

Commitment Spirituality. Let’s start with two points. One, that there are at least three milestones on the spiritual journey for Cursillistas. Two, and most importantly, that the Cursillo Tripod is an essential element of all three. The first milestone is Commitment Spirituality. Here is how it evolves. On the Weekend many Cursillistas have a mountaintop experience. They have seen the Christian Vision. They have heard how others have responded to Jesus’ call to evangelize themselves and the world around them. They know they want to do something—for others, for society. They know vaguely that they should do something to grow in holiness and spiritual formation.

Yet they are faced with a dilemma. They feel committed to the Action Plan of the Cursillo Tripod. At the same time, they realize that they don’t have the capacity to bring about their own holiness or anyone else’s. They understand that God created their hearts for infinite love, but carrying on a love affair with the Infinite Lover is far beyond them.

Here is where Commitment Spirituality comes in. Cursillistas commit blindly to live the Christian Vision through the Cursillo Tripod. Further, they commit to putting themselves at the disposal of Jesus’ Spirit. Trusting that the Holy Spirit will guide them in their search for holiness, spiritual formation and evangelization of others. Surrendering themselves to the unknown. Not fully understanding. But having faith that Jesus’ Spirit will work through the Cursillo Tripod. Commitment Spirituality commits them to both trusting and acting at the same time.

Ideally, this deep, fundamental spirituality begins on the Weekend. But Jesus’ Spirit constantly prompts us to abandon ourselves to his guidance—whether we are a beginner on the spiritual journey or a saint in the making. For Cursillistas, Commitment Spirituality converts the Action Plan of the Cursillo Tripod into a dynamic spirituality of devotion to Jesus’ Spirit as their inner mentor and guide.

Process Spirituality. The second milestone? Cursillistas discover that the Cursillo Tripod works. They discover that the Cursillo Tripod is not a static, mechanical device. Not a spiritual shopping list. They discover that Jesus’ Spirit operates through it. They discover it is a dynamic process. Their search for holiness is the fire that drives the process. Their holiness drives their search for spiritual formation and their spiritual formation drives their holiness. Both their holiness and spiritual formation drive their efforts at evangelization. And their evangelization impacts their holiness and spiritual formation. A truly dynamic process!

Here is how I discovered that dynamic process. For many years I devoted myself to spiritual formation. But when the number of applicants for Cursillo Weekends had dwindled, I felt challenged to promote Cursillo by speaking at all Saturday and Sunday Masses at some 40 parishes over a two-year period. Amid this hectic activity, I was discovering new spiritual insights. I was finding more courage to act and to lead. I was becoming more aware of Jesus’ presence and the Spirit’s empowerment.

The light went on. The Cursillo Tripod is a dynamic process. What I had taken on faith had become a lived experience. This illumination is the second milestone that Cursillistas achieve—in their own way and in God’s time.

Jesus-centered Spirituality. The third milestone? Through living the dynamic process of the Cursillo Tripod under the guidance of the Spirit, Cursillistas begin to discover Jesus in all his dimensions—the historical Jesus, the Spirit of Jesus and the Risen Jesus. Why? Because the Spirit does not point people to himself, but points them to the other–namely Jesus. Each dimension of Jesus they discover grows them into a deeper relationship with Jesus:

  • They want to grow in their capacity to live according to the mind, heart and will of the historical Jesus.
  • They want to grow in their dependency on Jesus’ Spirit who was a constant presence in Jesus’ life and guided his every action.
  • They want to grow in the Risen Jesus’ empowerment to carry on Jesus’ ongoing Incarnation— being compassion to others; being sacraments of peace, healing and forgiveness to others; and being channels of faith, hope and love to awaken these powers in their sisters and brothers.

As Cursillistas, we are always in process, always evolving. It is in our Witness Talks and in our Group Reunions that we share the process, the evolving that we are living. Our witnessing supports others in living their process and evolving. Our mutual sharing gives witness that the Spirit is operating in our lives. The result? Strengthening each other’s faith. Cursillistas committed to the Cursillo Tripod always have something to share.

The Cursillo Tripod is an Action Plan. Living it empowers us to discover and grow into rich depths of spirituality. In the final analysis, our level of holiness is what defines as a person.  And our holiness  is what we arrive at after we have completed the three milestones on our spiritual journey of Commitment Spirituality, Process Spirituality and Jesus-centered Spirituality.