Vision for Life

The book, Psycho-cybernetics, told of successful salespeople envisioning what they would say and how they would act in front of clients. It told of successful golfers envisioning how they would swing a club before they teed off. So, we need a vision for our everyday lives. Even more so for our spiritual lives!

On our Cursillo Weekend, we heard about the need for an ideal vision. The Christian Vision was presented as the ideal vision. But how much of that vision did we capture? Most of us caught that piece of the Vision that says that God loves us. But there is a big difference between our initial response to God’s love and our life-long spiritual journey.

There is a depth and a width to the Christian Vision. Even the piece of the Vision that says that God loves us has many layers of understanding and appreciation. For example, its impact on our relationship to others. Surely, the saints dug deeper into this truth than we have. For us, there is room to move deeper into this piece of the Vision.

As for the width of the Christian Vision, there is the part where Christ calls us to become other Christs to complete his mission of moving people from lives of unholiness to holiness, from slavery to freedom. And there is the role of the Spirit and the role of Christian community that are key elements of the Christian Vision. We must embrace the total Christian Vision to live our lives as Christians and as more fully human beings!

For a vision to be a driving force in our lives, we need to be able to express it. Fortunately, Cursillo has given us the total Christian Vision for our spiritual lives in the Cursillo Holiness Model. The seven Cursillo virtues are the elements of our vision. Last month we said that living the Cursillo Holiness Model will deepen our relationship with each of the Persons of the Trinity. It is by deepening these relationships that we will change our attitudes toward God, self, others, life and creation—the very factors that comprise our vision of life. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Create a prayer that describes the Christian Vision for you.
  2. Repeat this prayer every morning. It will help accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.
  3. Integrate your Vision into your life, recalling it in meaningful moments.

Here is one attempt to express the Christian Vision in prayer:

My God, be the center of my life.

Let me see all through your eyes.

Let me see myself as beloved by you.

Let me see others as my brothers and sisters.

Let me see life and creation as your gifts to me.


Jesus, let me see you as a model of compassion to others.

Let me see your presence in community,

As the source of Spirit-empowerment.

Let me see your presence in community,

As the source of my faith in community prayer and action.


Spirit of Jesus, let me see you as my Higher Power

Who guides me and enlightens me.

Let me see you as the source of my courage to act and lead,

Completing Christ’s mission.

Let me see you as my power to live the discipline of love.