To all Cursillistas who sense the need for “more” to live the Cursillo methodology and vision. The “more” is a deeper  spirituality which moves us outside the box. An ardent relationship with the Historical Jesus, the Risen Jesus and the  Spirit of Jesus. The same Spirit who empowered Jesus to live a life of compassion for others and and a life of contemplation. Also, personal growth is an important part of spiritual growth. After 20 years in the Cursillo Movement, I discovered this need for a deeper spirituality. But who would create it? I was not trained for such a task. In the end, I made a pact with the Spirit: I would write only when the Spirit inspired. Over 100 articles have been produced in these past 12 years of discovery. I invite you to join me in our mutual search.

Below find three articles that establish the foundation for the search. All the other articles will build on it. The first, Renewing Cursillo, Renewing Ourselves, presents Cursillo’s three dynamic engines that drive the Movement. The second, Fueling Cursillo’s Engines, describes the threefold, Jesus-based spirituality that supplies the high octane for these engines. And the third, Spiritual Action Plan, lays out a direction for Cursillistas right from their Cursillo Weekend.

Renewing Cursillo

Two factors call Cursillo to renewal. First, in the 1940’s the Cursillo founders created our Movement to draw young men in Spain to Apostolic Action. They had to keep it simple. So they gave them an Action Plan, an … Read More –>

Fueling Cursillo’s Engines

In the article, “Recapturing the Vision of the Cursillo Founders” which appears under the Founder’s Endorsement on this blog’s opening page, three spiritual engines were identified as driving the Cursillo … Read More –>

Spiritual Action Plan

To live the Christian Vision, we need to charge and recharge our spiritual batteries. The source of that energy? Our spirituality! For Cursillistas, living the Cursillo Tripod empowers us to discover and grow into … Read More –>